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MTV - 7th Anniversary
Submissa - Trailer
SUBMISSA - Trailer
UHU - Portugal
Bué Sabi - Submission to ÉCU 2013
nights | noites (extracts)
Desvio | Detour (excerpt)
Homeless (entire film)

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The Lisbon Earthquake


On 1st November 1755 the city of Lisbon in Portugal was hit by an earthquake, followed by fires and a tsunami. The city was almost……

by egdcltd

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Come Visit Lisbon


Have you ever thought about visiting Portugal? Have you have heard about our capital city - Lisbon? Lisbon has been considered one……

by Fufurinha

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Flávia Daniela

Porto is the second biggest city of Portugal and a beautiful city in the north of the country. It's widely known for it's francesinha……

by favi51

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Aid for the refugees

Ricardo Torres

Three full loaded trucks already left Portugal to aid the refugees It started with a group of friends touched by the syrian refugees……


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Dead Combo - Portuguese band - Listen to this

Ricardo Torres - Official band site -……


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Águeda - Portugal

Coca Frumuzache

Rua Luis de Camões, Águeda, Portugal With its scorching heat, summertime in Portugal can border on unbearable. But the……

by crocra

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Pedro Silva

Hello my name is Pedro Silva. I come from Portugal  I have 18 years old. my objective is earn some extra money for my Paypal……

by manecasmiguel

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Hello World

Bruno Luengo

I will introduce myself. My name is Bruno, I'm 29 years old and live in Seixal, a town near Lisbon, Portugal. I love photography,……

by Luenguito

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