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Rolando Giannoni, on his life, from…
Super Kawaii! Episode 4
Straggler of '45
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The Dance Zone: Shayna and Company
Kawaii 5-2: Shayna's Success Stories…
Kawaii 5-2: Shayna's Success Stories…
Kawaii 5-2: Shayna's Success Stories…
Kawaii 5-2: Shayna's Success Stories…
김서김서룡 (Kim Seo Ryong) Korean…
Mi Amigo Nariz de Zanahoria (My Carrot…
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Cat's Coming Out Story
Dan's and Andrew's Coming Out Stories…
Pam's and Ann's Coming Out Stories…
Pam and Ann Part 1
Kathryn's Coming Out Story

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    One morning, a bear woke up to see that all the honey she had collected for the week was gone, she was confused at first.……

by Tonyjamys

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There was a game I loved most. As a child I played it with friends within a quarter of our polygon yard. We would call out to each……


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Hi guys!


Hello guys!This is my first blog post, and I thought I am going to tell a little bit about myself and the thinks I will write about.……

by Megukim

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My first trip.

Muhammad Shahid

When I knew that my study tour was going to Lahore I was really happy that day to think about that tour because its mine first tour……

by shahi_148

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Carroll, Lewis

Ray Anthony Mina

Famous Storyteller The friendly, gentle Englishman called Lewis Carroll wasn't two people. But he had two names. Lewis Carroll wasn't……

by rex_sensei

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Famous Wattpad

Mary Jane Orcullo

There are many stories or novels that are now published and featured in a movie. Some of their stories were written by some famous……

by jane-22

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Hello I'm new in this website. I live in Italy, i love reading and writing stories, creepypastas are my favourites, so I've got a……

by evilMiner

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My very first blog

Emma Baker

Hi I am new to this site so I thought that I would start my blog by telling you a bit about my life. My name is Emma and I am from……

by emma-baker

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Village life

asra omid

  in spring i went to village ,and i stay for many days there ,they love each other very much but their lives are very different……

by asra-omid

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Impact of Accusation

Hikmat zia

Accusation, blaming, allegation, taking/giving credit, these are some of the terms I would be highlighting in this blog. The word……

by Hikmatzia

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Not Alone!


I used to travel a lot in good old days. And I'm sure, no matter where you are going, the most exiting part of the traveling is to……

by Sochka

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Persuasive Pound

Toby Goodman

This is a little fun short i came up with the other day, something we can all relate to and understand. Not a selection of mine to……

by toby-goodman

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Katrin Swiss

 Some of the most amazing stories of that we hear on the news or from our friends and families are those of lucky people who……

by katrin-swiss

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NATO On The Go

Sarah Grace

If you're looking for a way to learn something new about international politics over your coffee break, take a look at the Stories……

by SarahGrace

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