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The disappearance


Everyone was enjoying themselves in our living room watching the big game on the big screen. We had a blast with all the food and……

by Ilcho

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Ayyan Ali

Life is just like a game  you win or lose  their are easy levels nd hard one  but it depends how you play it. Its just……

by ayyan-ali-1995

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2015 Elections

Abid Khan

2015 the elections in a drama, it has never seen before elections, such as the 2015 election. I drink every day is a new drama p,……

by abid-khan

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You Can Prosper!

Ori Gigi

You are strong and rise above things that you know would sink others. Your determination is a hunger that lies in the pit of your……

by ori-gigi

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bitcoin game

Robert Rosengarten

I found this game for the android phone where you can make bitcoin by playing it.  It is called Coin Crush.  It is basically……

by pacers101

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Cricket News


Shikhar Dhawan from INDIA scored 137. This is the first time INDIA beat South Africa in World Cup.

by saswati

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Quote of Peace

Wu Ming Shi

You find that you have peace of mind and can enjoy yourself, get more sleep, and rest when you know that it was a one hundred percent……

by 4xyz

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Mazhar Hussain

The five of us had put in a lot of effort for the 4x100 meters relay event. We had been practicing twice every day for the past six……

by mazhar-hussain-9091

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noorzia osmany

What a beautiful life, What a beautiful think and What a beautiful event. Even it’s  thinking is very beautiful and give……

by noorzia

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Mighty China!

Sweet Asia TV

I can’t stop thinking about Asia and its measure. The biggest continent with so many different nationalities, religions, and……

by SweetAsiaTV

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