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Raffi Asdourian is an award winning filmmaker, writer, director and editor. The son of a Belgian anesthesiologist and an Armenian ophthalmologist, Raffi Asdourian oddly enough has been interested in the world of movies from a very young age.

Throughout high school, he wrote and directed several plays for the drama program, among them 'Of the Blue' won a national youth playwright award and was produced throughout 40 different times around the world. Raffi also strived to make video filmmaking an accessible tool at his high school. Through his efforts, he chartered the first ever video production class, allowing him to make several short films, which were screened for the entire school body. The collected works of his projects were sold on VHS to the school body selling over 600 units for both his junior and senior year.

Raffi then attended the prestigious NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where he continued to follow his dream of pursuing filmmaking as a fulltime career, making a total of twenty short films. Among the films made, "Kuragannon" a ten-minute short premiered in a Kodak sponsored student screening at the 2003 Cannes film festival. His thesis film “Stranger” was admitted into a high profile art gallery, the Florence Lynch Gallery, and was made available for sale while touring over twenty galleries around the world as part of a showcase entitled "Rewind" and a global online festival called Streaming Festival.

Raffi Asdourian currently works as a freelance TV/Commercial/Film editor in New York City in addition to writing for The Film Stage, a popular movie website. He has written five feature length screenplays and most recently completed a short film "Ai", which was filmed in Japanese and has been featured in over 15 film festivals and won several awards.

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